Teaching Your Child How To Read

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Teaching Your Child How To Read

Children today may be challenged if they are unable to read at a level that is linked to their age and development. Functioning in an adult world requires more than television and movies as the source of information. With the interruption in the 2020 school year due to Covid-19, many parents and caregivers are finding that they do not have the formal knowledge about teaching methods that early childhood professionals have. However, there are some things you can do at home when you are looking for methods on how to teach your children to read.

We live in a print-rich environment and a youngster with little or no understanding of the written word will suffer from life-long limitations in education, career paths, and social interactions. If you make reading to your child a regular part of each day, there will be an advancement in the concept that letters make sounds and combined sounds become words.

You won’t need special manuals or instructional materials to foster the learning process. So long as you help the youngster to associate sounds with letters and on to the image of the thing the word represents, the child will be able to build vocabulary which is a key to understanding.

Incorporate as many senses as possible when learning sounds. Have your child hear the sound, see the letter which it represents and say the sound with you. Using letters with various textures is a way to establish a sense of touch. Start with simple words that only have three sounds and build on them. You can also use music and rhythm tools to enforce the sense of hearing.

While expensive tools and games are not necessary to enforce learning, there are many simple, attractive, and inexpensive games available on mobile devices, computers, and even those which can be created as part of craft projects. There are also literally thousands of reading primer level books from which to choose.

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