How Astrology Signs And Numbers Affect Day-To-Day Life

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How Astrology Signs And Numbers Affect Day-To-Day Life

Astrology references are numerous throughout recorded history. The premise that the movements of the planets and stars affect every part of our lives is found in most societies. There are different systems of reliance on the movements of planets in the night sky, including the Chinese Zodiac, the familiar signs over the Western world, and other less well-known systems. Read further to learn more about how astrology signs and numbers permeate our daily lives.

In the west, most people know that they have a specific sign based on a birth date and location in the world. There are specific patterns and characteristics which are very precise, linked to the exact location and minute of birth. A professional astrologer uses complex charts and diagrams to identify accepted patterns based on time and locale.

Within each of the 12 major divisions that make up the Zodiac, there are also effects that are due to the positions of our Sun and Moon. These zodiac houses are identified by some of the major constellations which appear in the night sky of the Northern Hemisphere. Examples are Sagittarius, Capricorn, and Gemini. One of the questions which are often asked by those people learning to know a little more about each other is the birth sign. From this information, some assumptions may be made about personality and ways of approaching life.

Astrological charts also link the zodiac houses to particular numbers. These numerical representations are considered to be lucky for the individual. Some people who play lotteries use their lucky numbers in their betting decisions. The astrological charts and signs may affect the choice of a career, life partner, and even recreational activities. For those who rely on astrology, every aspect of life is driven by the positions of planets and stars.

There are many good sources of information about astrological houses and number links. The dependence on these features may range from casual knowledge to total reliance on readings before making even minor moves.


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